Nel 1796, in poche settimane, Napoleone si rivela l’astro nascente della politica europea. Al comando dell’Armata Italiana inizia a ridisegnare i confni del Vecchio Continente, lasciando la sua impronta indelebile in tutto il Nord Italia.
Dal 1797, Capitolo dopo capitolo, Napoleone completa i suo progetti in Italia e lega il suo nome anche a leggi e ordinamenti tuttora in vigore.


In 1796, in a matter of weeks, Napoleon was revealed as a rising star in the European political firmament. In command of the French Revolutionary Army he began to redesign the map of Europe, leaving his mark throughout northern Italy.

The first Campaign of Italy took him from the heights of mountains of the Maritime Alps and the Liguria Apennines down into the fertile Po valley.

From 1797 onwards, chapter after chapter, Napoleontargeted the Veneto region and completed his Italian adventure with the issue of a code of laws bearing his name, some of them still current today.

This is a journey through Italy following in Napoleon’s footsteps, exploring the sites and fascinating historical facts linked to his campaigns and rules.